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Wealth Empowerment: Meaningful Advice for a Purposeful Life

About NetWorth Financial Services

NetWorth Financial Services

About our firm

About our firm

NetWorth Financial Services is devoted to providing comprehensive wealth management to individuals and families.  Our purpose is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve. 

The firm formed by the merger of two firms based in Johns Creek, GA. Steve Clark founded NWFS in 2001 and as he described it, “his life became much more interesting” in 2007 when he suffered a terrible accident leaving him paralyzed. Amazingly and through strong will and determination, Steve continued to provide a “client centered approach” to wealth management for his clients.

Johns Creek Wealth Management was founded by Reagan Curl, CPRC & CMFC, in April of 2010. He elected to establish an independent firm, believing this would be the most appropriate platform to offer services and options that allowed him to focus on the clients’ needs first.

In 2012, Bob Ostapower joined Johns Creek Wealth Management as a Tax Planning Consultant to provide depth and experience to our clients. With nearly 30 years of accounting experience and having achieved the Certified Financial Planner™ designation, his perspective has proven invaluable to the benefit of our clients.

In 2015, Steve was introduced to Johns Creek Wealth Management and founder Reagan Curl. They realized their skills sets and passion for serving investors were similar and developed a strategic alliance to collaborate for the benefit of their clients.

Unfortunately, Steve lost his fight with complications associated with his condition on July 1st, 2016. Reagan is honored to continue in the legacy of Steve as a valued and trusted advisor for both the clients of NetWorth Financial Services and Johns Creek Wealth Management.  Johns Creek Wealth Management has merged with NetWorth Financial Services and going forward we will be doing business only as NetWorth Financial Services.

Today, Networth Financial Services - as a fee only fiduciary investment advisor - thoroughly enjoys creating success for their clients through The Wealth Empowerment Program.