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Registered Investment Adviser
Wealth Empowerment: Meaningful Advice for a Purposeful Life


Financial Planning & Strategy

Hope is not a strategy. Let us help you put together a comprehensive financial plan and strategy for your financial future!

  • Custom personalized “road maps”
  • Strategies for all ages
  • Fee based strategies to offer flexibility
  • Goal based strategies to protect and transfer wealth
  • Strategies focused on maximizing your retirement income

Investment & Risk Management

We offer a variety of fee based programs and strategies to help reduce mortality risk and longevity risk. We include life insurance, long term care insurance & annuities to help identify and manage the “what if’s” in life seeking to increase the likelihood of financial success. We also place emphasis on portfolio construction to manage volatility and try to enhance return potential.

  • Privately managed money
  • Mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETF’s and alternative investments
  • Focus on diversification across asset class, product type, and tax advantaged strategies
  • Retirement income strategies with the goal of providing a lifetime of income


Tax Management & Planning

For many investors tax planning is often done retroactively. Our goal is to help focus in a proactive way on how we can help you save time and money. Integrating tax planning, tax preparation, and investment management can offer a comprehensive approach to help manage the negative consequences of taxes and uncover hidden opportunities that might have been overlooked.

We offer tax planning and preparation not only to our existing investment management clients but to the general public as a valuable tool and service to maximize your income and investment potential.

  • Proactive tax planning and preparation
  • Integrated with investment strategies
  • Limit negative tax consequences
  • Uncover hidden opportunities