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Wealth Empowerment: Meaningful Advice for a Purposeful Life

Wealth Empowerment Program

The NetWorth Financial Services Empowerment Program

Those who have a documented plan, know where everything is, and have addressed key risks that may derail their best laid plans may fare far better than those who have not taken the holistic approach regarding their financial considerations.

Whether you are contemplating the transition from accumulation to distribution (working to retirement), still are in accumulation phase or seek a comprehensive approach to managing all aspects of your financial life, we have a plan. The Wealth Empowerment Program is not a one size fits all approach to financial planning. Rather, this plan focuses on five specific categories and sub categories that will provide us with the framework for the strategy that will best fit your specific needs.

The five major categories are:

  • Asset Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Debt Management
  • Investment Planning
  • Estate Planning

While the program is quite extensive, we employ a simple process driven approach to addressing these key areas and sub categories. Considerations might include: life insurance, leveraging debt, tax efficient income and various strategies to leave a legacy.

We track and document your progress through the Wealth Empowerment Program on your very own personal financial website called eMoney