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Wealth Vision

Your Personal Financial Website Powered by WealthVision

Do you know where everything is? Your will, passport, IRA’s, 401k’s or other legal documents?

At NWFS, we create a personal financial website for our clients that not only can aggregate all of your financial accounts in one place but it is also a very secure online storage system for important documents like tax returns, wills or trusts.

We use Wealth Vision as a basis for the planning process. We can address numerous risks that our clients might face by running “what if” scenarios like the possibility of a bear market in the very year they might retire or a health event requiring more monthly expenses some years after retirement.

Wealth Vision is a dynamic tool and updated daily. The days of the three-ring bound 200 page financial plan are over and our clients benefit from the ability to see their personal balance sheet on a daily basis and how this impacts their progress in working towards their personal financial goals.